Empowering veterans and their families to connect with services, support and their community

Military service is about commitment to the nation. Servulink is about the nation’s commitment in return

Matt Brennan • Servulink Co-Founder

For our Veterans and their Families

We provide our serving and former-serving veterans and their families with a free online digital information service hub – a ‘one stop shop’ for quality services and support available to them nationally. We aim to empower them to simply and securely navigate and access those services provided in-person or online that best suit their needs through-life: upon enlistment, throughout their military career, during transition and following their service. We do this with discretion, dignity, and respect – at no stage do we request or collect personally identifiable information.

For Service Providers

Our platform provides an opportunity to expand and enhance your promotion, reach, connection, and uptake nationally across the Australian veteran community, optimising your brand and positioning in the sector to accelerate and sustain your performance over time.

Servulink can also identify and geo-locate, in near real-time, which services our veterans, and their families are seeking. This generates dynamic feedback – a ‘demand signal’ enabling the optimal positioning of your services and support. Our data-driven reporting, analysis, insights, and advice, enable a reliable assessment of the performance and relative value of veteran and family services nationally. We call this ‘Servulink as a Service’.

Our Service Offering

We are a unique, for purpose Social Enterprise, using technology to connect Australian veterans and their families to the services, support and communities that they need.


The Challenge

The Australian veteran service and support sector is large and complex. The wide variety of providers that exist to support our veterans and their families nationally across government, non-government, corporate and charity organisations numbers well into the thousands.

Easily and quickly identifying and accessing the services and support that are relevant for you and your family can be difficult and frustrating. A lack of clarity and simplicity can result in service delivery failure, confusion and negative mental health impacts despite the good will and best intentions of all involved.

In addition, the terrible scourge of veteran suicide continues to impact our community. Since 2001, more than thirty times the number of ADF veterans killed on operations have taken their own lives. Most were under 40 years old. This is a call to action. The needs of our veteran community, particularly around mental health and wellbeing support have never been clearer.

Servulink is founded on the principles of simplicity, access, connection and collaboration. We believe in empowering and enabling those that have served Australia and their families with the tools and information they need to improve their lives. Such positive empowerment of this community through technology will transform the future veteran support landscape towards a more proactive, preventative approach – driving early, positive outcomes pre-emptively rather than reacting to problems or crises after they arise.

For Bravery Trust, Servulink will unlock so many new connections that can support our community.
Belinda Wilson • CEO Bravery Trust