Between July 2022 and July 2023, Servulink collaborated with RSL Australia to launch, develop, and promote the Servulink web app, under a 12-month Pilot as the ‘Veterans’ Catalogue’. Servulink registered RSL sub-Branches nationally, integrating with our existing network of over 800 other service providers to provide an on-line catalogue with over 1,900 listings. From its launch on 1 Nov 2022, the Veterans’ Catalogue attracted over 8,000 users almost 12,800 times, conducting over 33,000 searches across the 12 search categories to connect with 941 organisations. 37% of users returned to access the Catalogue multiple times. The Pilot was a success, meeting or exceeding all agreed objectives and Key Performance Indicators.

The achievements and outcomes from the Veterans’ Catalogue Pilot are clear. They are unmistakable validation of our vision and design, and evidence of the value of the platform for our veterans and their families: strong foundations from which to scale and sustain as a permanent national program.

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