Ky Wyndham
Ky WyndhamExecutive Manager Communications and Engagement
Ky WyndhamExecutive Manager Communications and Engagement
Servulink’s Communications and Engagement Executive Manager Ky is a compassionate individual who understands first-hand how a life of military service can have a long-lasting impact on veterans and their families.

Married to a former serving army veteran for more than 20 years, Ky says now: “Servulink has really come about from our own experiences. We know the kinds of support that veterans and their families need but it’s really hard knowing where to go and who to turn to. We trust that this app will make it easier for families to quickly and simply find the support they need”.

The focus of Ky’s professional and volunteer experience demonstrates a commitment to services and support that promote wellbeing, social inclusion, and empowerment. After beginning her career in the corporate health sector, Ky has been heavily involved in a range of community support initiatives with a strong social justice focus.

From her extensive work with Red Cross, Lifeline and Servulink, Ky continues to be a dedicated advocate for services that support and promote mental health and wellbeing.

Ky holds a BA in Business Management from Victoria University and has recently undertaken post graduate studies at Charles Sturt University.